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Forgotten Coast K9 is a 501(c)(3) located in Madison, Florida. Please click here to learn more about us and consider making a donation today.

At the heart of our mission is a deep commitment to honor and empower our esteemed Veterans and First Responders who are in critical need of the invaluable support and companionship that service dogs or emotional support dogs can provide. We have forged a meaningful partnership with some of the most talented trainers to ensure that our heroes and their beloved canine companions receive nothing short of the finest training and education available.


Our unwavering dedication propels us to aim for excellence in all we do. We strive to create the finest handler/k9 teams, achieving results in record time, a feat often beyond the reach of government programs or other private sector initiatives. It's a testament to our deep respect and gratitude for those who have served and responded, and we endeavor to give back in the most meaningful way possible.

The Tom Rose School has been teaching and certifying the world’s top dog trainers for over 35 years. It is known internationally for its superior program and ability to prepare expert dog trainers. Each member of the Great Lakes K9 Solutions team has attended and been certified as a Professional and Master Dog Trainer by the Tom Rose School.

E-Collar Technologies- Dealer

E-Collar Technologies is a group of accomplished dog training e-collar people with over 100 years of cumulative experience designing and manufacturing e-collars, hunting dog training collars, and dog training collars. The result is the Educator brand of training collars which are the most reliable and advanced e-collars available in the world. Every e-collar training collar manufactured by E-Collar Technologies is built to the highest standards of quality and tested to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. We fully assemble each training collar and test all our products in the USA.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Program-

Certified Evaluator

The American Kennel Club developed the Canine Good Citizen Program to promote responsible dog ownership. The CGC test is a standardized test comprised of ten exercises which demonstrate the dog has polite manners in both the home and the community. 

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