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Meet the K9s

The Smith Pack

Ice - Belgian Malinois

Hi! My name is Ice, and I'm Carolyn's most favorite dog of all time. This privilege has completely gone to my head, making me the bossiest dog in the Cabot Pack! You'll often see me helping out during lessons, acting as a distraction, or demonstrating some of the new skills we're working on with your dog. I'm currently titled in AKC Obedience and the sport of IPO (Schutzhund). I have my AKC CGC, CDX and my IPO BH. I also made my big screen debut in a horror movie titled The Wretched, which was filmed this summer (2018) in Leelanau County. 

Favorites: long walks with Carolyn, playing frisbee, chewing on my ball, destroying anything I can get into, being the "Fun Police," and stealing Carolyn's Cheetos or any sweets clients bring her (that I think should actually be for me)


Riot - Belgian Malinois

Hi! I'm the newest addition to the pack. I like to give hugs and climb in everyone's lap, so be aware if you're sitting in the training room- you just might have an 80# surprise in your lap! I'm in training to be Ice's replacement as mom's service dog. I'm excited to learn how to travel with her and learn my tasks to help her navigate life.

Favorites: frisbee, swimming, harassing Dewey, destruction and general mayhem


Dexter -  British Labrador Retriever

I'm Dexter and my color is called Fox Red. I'm the nicest member of the Cabot Pack and am head of the Welcoming Committee! You'll get to meet me anytime socializing is involved as I'm the life of the party! I'm currently in training for bird hunting and am working towards several different titles. 


Favorites: swimming, retrieving, eating sticks, chewing sticks, eating more sticks, finding birds 

Dewey - Great Dane

Hey there- I'm Dewey! I'm 135 pounds of goofy, perpetually adolescent Dane. I'm starting to make more appearances in lessons as a distraction. Sometimes I'm used for socialization; however, I'm not always aware of how big I am. 

Favorites: chewing on sticks, playing with my friends, running in the woods, sleeping, listening to myself talk, playing ball, harassing Ice and Riot


Mac - British Lab

Hey there- I'm Mac! I'm one of Shady's daughters. I love to give hugs, cuddle, play with anyone and try to convince anybody who will listen throw the ball for me. You'll see me helping with socialization and acting as a distraction in lessons.

Favorites: chasing the ball, playing with my friends, running in the woods, swimming, snuggling and belly rubs


Fig - Chihuahua

Hi! My name is Fig and I'm the newest addition to the Smith pack. From day one I've fit right in with the big dogs, enjoy long hikes, playing in the snow, wrestling with Riot and joining all of the adventures the big dogs get to go on. I certainly don't know that I'm only 10#!

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