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Meet the K9s

The Smith Pack

Ice - Belgian Malinois

Hi! My name is Ice, and I'm Carolyn's most favorite dog of all time. This privilege has completely gone to my head, making me the bossiest dog in the Cabot Pack! You'll often see me helping out during lessons, acting as a distraction, or demonstrating some of the new skills we're working on with your dog. I'm currently titled in AKC Obedience and the sport of IPO (Schutzhund). I have my AKC CGC, CDX and my IPO BH. I also made my big screen debut in a horror movie titled The Wretched, which was filmed this summer (2018) in Leelanau County. 

Favorites: long walks with Carolyn, playing frisbee, chewing on my ball, destroying anything I can get into, being the "Fun Police," and stealing Carolyn's Cheetos or any sweets clients bring her (that I think should actually be for me)


Nikki - Belgian Malinois

RIP 12/21/2013-6/5/2018

Hi! I'm Nikki, but my mom calls me Crazy Eyes since I remind her of a certain TV character. I look a lot like my partner in crime, Ice, but we aren't actually related. She's a couple months older than me, but I'm still bigger than her! When Ice isn't making me all too aware that she's mom's favorite, you'll find me helping out with lessons or acting as a big distraction. I like to give hugs and climb in everyone's lap, so be aware if you're sitting in the training room- you just might have a 70# surprise in your lap! Just like Ice, I have several titles in the same dog sports. I only have my AKC CD and my IPO BH. I've completed two of the three legs need for my AKC CDX title.

Favorites: frisbee, swimming, harassing Dexter, destruction and general mayhem

*Nikki passed away in June of '18 from a degenerative condition of her spine which caused her a great deal of discomfort and impacted her quality of life.

Dexter -  British Labrador Retriever

I'm Dexter and my color is called Fox Red. I'm the nicest member of the Cabot Pack and am head of the Welcoming Committee! You'll get to meet me anytime socializing is involved as I'm the life of the party! I'm currently in training for bird hunting and am working towards several different titles. 


Favorites: swimming, retrieving, eating sticks, chewing sticks, eating more sticks, finding birds 

Anna (a.k.a. Shady) - 

British Labrador Retriever

My name is Shady, and I'm one of Carolyn's favorite hunting dogs. While I may be the most frustrating dog she owns (I mean, I am kind of opinionated), I'm also her right hand dog when it comes to keeping puppies and other young dogs in line. I take my role as socializer very seriously and will appropriately discipline any youngsters that are overstepping their bounds within the pack.

Favorites: putting anything and everything in my mouth- especially Savannah's gloves or scarf, retrieving, swimming after something to retrieve, checking the pond for anything worth retrieving, did you throw something you'd like me to retrieve for you?

Lila - British Labrador Retriever

Hi! It's nice to meet you, I'm Lila! If Dexter is the head of the welcoming committee, then I'm next in line. You'll often get to see my smiling face during socialization or demonstrating some new commands we're teaching your dog. I love to play with everyone and am as friendly as they come. Even when dogs don't want to be friends with me, I still try to win them over!

Favorites: getting belly rubs, snuggling, playing with my friends, swimming, retrieving, being cute

Jax - British Labrador Retriever

Hi, I'm Jax! I'm one of Carolyn's favorite up and coming dogs in her pack. She always tells me I'm the sweetest Lab she owns. I'm currently in training for upland bird hunting. I'm a pointing retriever like my mom, Shady. I'm showing some great natural instincts which I'm working to refine through training. If you're working with Carolyn or Savannah, you'll often see me helping out with lessons or socialization. I get along well with everyone and I look forward to meeting you soon!


Page (aka Spud) - British Labrador Retriever

Co-owned with Casey & Kate Conn

Hi, I'm Page! I'm Jax's littermate and Shady's daughter. Carolyn thinks I'm a lot like Shady, which has it's pros and cons.


I'm currently living with my awesome new family in TC who take me paddle boarding, biking and exploring the world on a regular basis. I also get to go to the office with Kate from time to time!  You'll see me back at the kennel from time to time, helping to demonstrate commands and assisting with socialization.

Favorites: beating up my big brother, bossing around anyone I can, getting into trouble and snuggling when I'm worn out from wreaking havoc!

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 7.19.03 PM.png

Dozer - English Bulldog

My name is Dozer, and I'm two weeks younger than my half brother Alfred. I enjoy swimming, playing frisbee, running with my friends, and chasing anything that moves. I'm freakishly athletic for my breed, nothing slows me down! I'm not nearly as lazy as my brother, so you may see me out and about!

Favorites: running, jumping on and off everything, snuggling with my brother, chasing Dewey around the house


Alfred - English Bulldog

Hi Everyone! I'm Alfred, and I'm Dozer's half brother. I don't help out with lessons too much anymore since I'd rather be sleeping. I typically take the winters off from most outdoor activity, as I can't stand the cold! You may see me in the spring and summer paddle boarding with Carolyn or going for walks with my friends. 

Favorites: sleeping, eating, sleeping, going for short walks, sleeping in the sun, taking a snooze on the couch, assisting with nap time and snack time


Louise (a.k.a. "Wheezy")- English Bulldog

Hi! My friends call me Wheezy, and they promise it's not because of the noises I make when I go on walks with them. I'm one of the newest additions to the Cabot Pack, joining the family in December 2017. You will start to see me helping out in lessons this Spring, if you haven't already met me during a play date. 

Favorites: letting everyone hear my opinion about everything, eating, chewing on anyone's tail I can catch, chasing the ball, napping, wrestling with anyone willing to play with me


Dewey - Great Dane

Hey there- I'm Dewey! I'm 125 pounds of goofy, adolescent Dane. I'm starting to make more appearances in lessons as a distraction. Sometimes I'm used for socialization; however, I'm not always aware of how big I am. 

Favorites: chewing on sticks, playing with my friends, running in the woods, sleeping, listening to myself talk, playing ball, harassing my Bulldog brothers (Alfie and Dozer)

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