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Product Recommendations

Please know that the following items are purely based on our opinions and experience with them. What we feel are right for our dogs (feeding/toys/supplements) may not be the best fit for someone else's dog. We are constantly trying new products and chew toys, so this page will be updated accordingly.

Dog Food:

Fromm - Gold or Classic Line

Inukshuk- for highly active dogs- 26/16 or 30/25


Nutro- Wholesome Essentials line

We also use a vegan, home cooked diet for feeding our Bulldogs and are happy to provide information on that


ProBios- multi-species powder

Doc Roys GI Synbiotics

Leash brand we use: Doco Pet Supply- signature nylon leash

Remote collar brands: Ecollar Technologies, Garmin (Tritronics), Dogtra

Prong collar brand: Herm Sprenger

Martingale supplier: PawMark

Durable chew toys for power chewers:

BarkBox- monthly subscription that sent durable toys and high quality treats. 

BarkBone - nylon toys

Elk Antlers

Soup Bones (raw, frozen from the butcher or grocery store meat department)

Water buffalo horns- Large size for dogs over 40#


Kong- black line (it's the more durable version)

We have not found any rubber toys (besides Kong) that are able to withstand heavy, powerful chewing. 

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